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Saturday, November 12, 2005

In a just world, things would be different.

In a just world, Bill O'Reilly would right now be prepping himself for an interview, not with yet another blow-dried television personality, but with a pair of serious no nonsense FBI agents whose first question would be along the lines of "Mr. O'Reilly, would you agree that advocating terrorist acts against United States citizens on american soil is a crime?". And who would delve deeply into the questions of what actions he has taken that might constitute active support and encouragement of crimes against the public peace, and an extensive review of his contacts, including especially anyone with whom he might have discussed or planned acts of violence, such as for instance, blowing up Coit Tower in San Francisco.

In this world of course, such an interview is merely a fantasy, for Mr. O'Reilly has powerful friends and as a republican and commentator for Fox News, is not subject to the laws that apply to say Jose Padilla another american citizen who made reckless statements about blowing up parts of american cities.

Why is it that this government chooses to enforce the laws so unevenly that one man can spend years detained without charge, and another will never be questioned for what amount to the same actions...?


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